Loan a Bike

Here at Barnsley Cycle Hub we can loan you a special ‘CycleBoost’ bike for free for between one month and three months.

The Barnsley CycleBoost scheme is a completely free way for you to see if cycling is for you. We loan out both regular pedal bikes and electric bikes for free to the people of Barnsley for between one and three months.

When we loan you a bike we also give you all the typical accessories you need including a helmet, bag, bike lock and lights. We maintain your loan bike for you as long as you have it, and also offer you free cycle training if you would like to improve your confidence and skills.

At the end of your loan period you just have to return the bike and accessories to us. If you want to keep cycling we may be able to help you purchase a bike of your own.

We accept applications online, or in person so just drop in and have a chat about getting a bike.

Barnsley CycleBoost
Loan a bike for free from the Barnsley Active Travel hub

Customer Testimonials

I feel it is a fantastic opportunity and the whole team of staff are really pleasant and nothing is too much trouble.

S. Da Silva

Absolutely fantastic! Due to my advancing years, though I consider myself quite fit, I was finding it more and more difficult to negotiate hilly terrain and for some time had thought about e-bikes. Having had the opportunity to ride one I am convinced that this will be the direction I will go in. To maintain my fitness I am anxious to continue my cycling as long as possible.

D. Challenger

I have loved getting out and about on the bike, mainly on the Trans Pennine Trail.

K. Reed

Really good to give people chance to get back into cycling without massive outlay of buying a bike first. I would recommend bike riding to work to get fit and save money.

J. Omara

Fantastic! I still cannot believe what an amazing experience the loan of an e-bike from the hub has been.

T. Horsfield

I have enjoyed cycling and am looking forward to doing more of it

M. Dodds

Excellent support from the staff from the start. Guidance offered clearly before handover. Very friendly and knowledgeable.

B. Baker

It was a brilliant experience as I feel more confident using the bike on roads.

M. Blower

I had a fantastic time, allowing me to get to work with ease, visiting friends and exploring my neighbourhood. I found the experience great for my well-being and felt positive after every trip.

J. Gill